Artist:Mario Negri


1916 — 1987, Tirano

Information:Sculptor, Italy

Mario Negri



Mario Negri was born in 1916 in Tirano, in the province of Sondrio. After graduating from the Fine Arts Academy in Brera, he goes on to attend a two year course in architecture at the polytechnic of Milan, where he comes into contact with the group of artists and intellectuals that gravitate around the publication <Corrente di vita giovanile> and becomes friends with Sandro Cherchi, Italo Valenti and Giacomo Manzù.

Called up in 1940, on the 9th September 1943 he is captured by the Germans at Bressanone. He is deported to the Prisoner of War Camps in Germany and Poland (Deblin-Irena, Oberlangen, Bremervorde, Wietzendorf), and isn’t liberated until 1945.

In the immediate post war years he dedicates himself full-time to sculpture and forms an intense relationship with MAF, one of the oldest art foundries in Lombardy. From 1950 alongside being an artist  he becomes a critic: and a collaborator on the architecture and decorative arts publication <Domus> founded by Gio Ponti in 1928. The following year he marries Elda Magri, a graduate of piano from the Milan Conservatory. There are three daughters from the marriage, Chiara, Marina and Maria Laura.

Towards the end of the 1950s he opens his first important solo exhibition in Italy (Galleria del Milione in Milan in 1957) and abroad (the Grace Borgenicht Gallery in New York in 1958). During these years he establishes and consolidates more intense human and cultural relationships that are long-lasting and incisive, with Alberto Giacometti, Serafino Corbetta, Cesare Gnudi, Franco Russoli, Luigi Carluccio, Mario Valsecchi, Lamberto Vitali, the young sculptor RudyWach, the collector Han Coray, the painter Edmondo Dobrzanski, the jewellery creator Karl-Heinz Reister and the photographers Paolo Monti and Arno Hammmacher. Together with the architect Mario Tedeschi he curates the “Sculpture in Architecture” exhibition in Sydney.

From the 1960s he establishes his studio in Milan in Via Stoppani and undertakes an intense activity of exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He also produces some major public works, such as Eindhoven Square in The Netherlands, in collaboration with Gio Ponti (1967) and Grande Colonna di Robbia in Poschiavio in Grigione (1970). He holds numerous prestigious roles: member of the consultative artistic commission of the Fine Arts and Permanent Exhibition society of Milan (1974), National Academic of San Luca (1979), member of the Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-arts de Belgique in Brussels (1984), honorary member of the Accademia Linguistica di Belle Arte in Genova (1987).

He dies unexpectedly of a heart attack on the 5th April 1987 in Tirano.

Personal exhibitions

1957Milano, ItaliaGalleria del Milione
1958New York, USAGrace Borgenicht Gallery
1959Locarno, SvizzeraGalleria La Palma
1960New York, USAGrace Borgenicht Gallery
1960Winterthur, SvizzeraKunstmuseurn
1961Ginevra, SvizzeraGalerieMotte
1962Torino, ItaliaGalleria Galatea
1967Milano, ItaliaGalleria del Milione
1968Bolzano, ItaliaGalleria Goethe
1970Montreal, CanadaDominion Gallery
1970Eindhoven, OlandaVan Abbemuseum
1975Montreal, CanadaDominion Gallery (con Giacomo Manzù e Marino Marini)
1979San Quirico d’Orcia e Caprese Michelangelo, Italia
1980Busto Arsizio, ItaliaGalleria Bambaia
1981Padova, ItaliaGalleria Adelphi
1982Lugano, SvizzeraGalleria PieterCoray
1983Milano, ItaliaGalleria Stendhal
1984Salisburgo, AustriaGalerieWelz
1984Vienna, AustriaOrangerie e PalaisAuersperg
1984Innsbruck, AustriaGalerieimTaxispalais
1985Parma, ItaliaGalleria La Sanseverina
1987-1988Busto Arsizio, ItaliaGalleria Bambaia
1987-1988Mantova, ItaliaPalazzo Te
1989Milano, ItaliaRotonda della Besana
1990Milano, ItaliaGalleria Gian Ferrari
1992Milano, ItaliaGalleria Credito Valtellinese
2001Matera, ItaliaChiese rupestri Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci
2005Milano, ItaliaGalleria Consadori
2016Milano, ItaliaStudio d’Arte del Lauro
2019-2020Milano, ItaliaVilla Necchi Campiglio

Collective exhibitions in Italy

1951Milano, ItaliaTriennale
1958Venezia, ItaliaBiennale Internazionale d’Arte
1959Roma, ItaliaQuadriennale Nazionale d’Arte
1964Venezia, ItaliaBiennale Internazionale d’Arte
1965Roma, ItaliaQuadriennale Nazionale d’Arte
1971Milano, ItaliaPalazzo Reale
1972Roma, ItaliaQuadriennale Nazionale d’Arte

Collective exhibitions abroad

1957New York, USAWorld House Galleries
1957Londra, UKMarlborough Fine Art Gallery
1958New York, USAGreat Neck
1958Boston, USADe Cordova
1959Los Angeles, USA
1960Barcellona, SpagnaSala Gaspar
1960Baltimora, USABaltimora Museum of Art
1960Johannesburg, Sudafrica
1961Pittsburgh, USA
1961Oslo, NorvegiaKunstnernesHus
1961Göteborg, SveziaKonstmuseum
1961Tokyo, Giappone
1961Copenhagen, Danimarca
1962New York, USAWorld House Galleries
1962Amburgo, GermaniaBauzentrum
1963Berlino, GermaniaKongresshalle
1963Göteborg, SveziaKonstmuseum
1963Monaco, Germania
1964Amsterdam, OlandaStedelijk Museum
1964Oslo, NorvegiaKunstnernesHus
1965L’Aia, OlandaScheveningen
1966Oslo, NorvegiaNasjonalgalleriet
1969Londra, LondraCircle Gallery
1969Parigi, FranciaMuseo Rodin
1969Teheran, IranMuseo di Archeologia
1970Madrid, SpagnaMuseo Español de Arte Contemporaneo
1970Lisbona, Portogallo
1971Budapest, Ungheria
1971Parigi, FranciaMuseo Rodin
1973Bruxelles, BelgioMuséesRoyaux d’Art et d’Histoire
1973Belgrado, Serbia
1974Hong Kong, CinaCity Museum& Art Gallery
1975Berlino, GermaniaAltenMuseum
1998San Pietroburgo, RussiaErmitage