Location:CopettiAntiquari – Udine (Next Opening)

Address:Via della Prefettura, 6
33100 Udine, Italy

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CopettiAntiquari – Udine (Next Opening)

Galleria Copetti


The Copetti Antiques Gallery was founded by Giorgio Copetti in 1982. The Gallery is specialized in sculptures and paintings of the high Venetian-Austrian era. Toward the end of the nineties, the gallery was enhanced by the entrance of Ernesto, George’s eldest son who began moving in the direction of modern and contemporary art. After having transferred the activity from Cividale del Friuli to the historical center of Udine in 2006, the Copetti Family started to systematically deal with historicized artists of the 1900s and focus their attention on modern sculpture.

In the summer 2018, contemporarily to Massimo’s involvement in the business, George’s second-born son, a new exhibition space was inaugurated: The park sculptures “Braida Copetti“, is a farmland of almost 15.000 square meters in the town of Premariacco (just a few kilometers from Udine), where the works of great artists of the past century are displayed in rotation, as well as the works of affirmed contemporary artists.

Besides having organized a great deal of exhibitions on their premises, the Copetti Antiques Gallery has taken part to many editions of the Permanent and the Mint in Milan, the Brafa of Bruxelles, the Biennale Exhibition in Rome and ModenAntiquaria. It also regularly takes part to the Biennale Exhibition of Antiques in Florence, Artefiera in Bologna and it has also participated to MIart – MilanWop Art Lugano and Flashback Torino during the last years.

The Copetti Family are registered in the Association of Antiques Dealers of Italy and belong to the Confédération Internationale des Négociants en Oeuvres of Art (CINOA). Along with their long-lasting collaboration with qualified researchers and directors of museums; during the years they have contributed to important private and public collections with their works.